Our values of P.E.A.C.E. underpin all that we as a clinic and practitioners stand for.

Practical Empowerment

We draw on empirical, clinical and scientific evidence to design practical and achievable solutions that aim to inspire and motivate our clients. We encourage and facilitate behavioural change to teach our clients how to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.


We conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the highest level of integrity and distinction and combine this with care and kindness. We recognise the value in ‘going the extra mile’ and encourage those around us to do the same.


We consciously choose to be real, honest, open and ethical in all that we do and those initiatives that we support.

Collaboration and teamwork

We acknowledge the strengths, experiences and soft-spots in ourselves and each other and work proactively to find ways that we can be stronger, together.

Education, Research and Advocacy

We continually strive to build knowledge and the capacity to think creatively. Education plays a foundational role in the advancement of our clinicians and the way we work with our clients. We value the importance of participating in and conducting research to strengthen wholistic healthcare and actively work to create a more inclusive patient-centred healthcare system.