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Initial Consultations

Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough case history where Rebecca will ask you lots of questions to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body and your life. She will use this information to piece together the areas that are out of balance and to work out which areas need to be targeted first.

Once she has more of an idea of what is going on with your health, Rebecca will work with you to identify your goals and design a customised Naturopathic Action Plan. She will take you through the specific areas of treatment, the estimated time frames and other specifics that need to be done to get your health back on track (eg: further testing or investigations).

Rebecca has undertaken post-graduate study to be able to provide in-clinic testing and health screening for her patients. To best reflect the level of depth required for your consultation and to assist Rebecca in formulating your treatment plan, there are 2 options for your initial consultation:

  • Initial naturopathic consultation with baseline testing
  • Initial naturopathic consultation with extensive testing

Which Naturopathic Consultation should I book in for?

Rebecca is registered with all health funds so if you have private health insurance and are covered to see a naturopath, rebates may apply.

Follow Up Consultations

Your first follow up is normally arranged 2 weeks after your initial appointment. We will need 30 minutes and this where Rebecca will go over your naturopathic program, the successes and challenges you experienced and what the next steps will be. All Rebecca’s patients have repeat cellular health tests done at their follow ups so that your progress can be carefully monitored. Follow up consultations are $85.

Extended Consultations

Have a completely new area that you’d like to discuss? Perhaps you just want to spend a little more time going over things or haven’t seen Rebecca in a while. Extended follow up consultations (45 minutes) are available ($145). If you’re unsure if you require this appointment type, please get in touch with Rebecca and she will let you know.

Cancellation Fees

While we understand that things can pop up last minute, if you are unable to make your appointment, please ensure that you provide Rebecca with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Given her long waiting lists, cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will attract a full consultation fee.

To find out more please send Rebecca an email or call 0425 834 846.